3 Portable Vaporizers With Wireless Applications To Try – Connected Vaping Made Simple


Its hard to deny that the way of the world is headed towards a wireless revolution and this means that more and more products in our everyday lives will also become wireless. From headphones, to computers to televisions to almost everything we can imagine that once had a wire attached to it will sooner then later be available in wireless versions. Wires and cords are certainly becoming a thing of the past as technology becomes increasingly more advanced and its always exciting to see what the future holds for these types of changes. As a wireless industry outlook and research hub we are constantly on the hunt for the latest in wireless inventions and given current market conditions there is no shortage of products to dissect and discuss. A wireless devices impact our lives more and more each day it is always interesting to take note of the latest in wireless technological trends. While we most often think of wires as physical cords its also essential to note that wireless applications are now to having huge impacts on our lives. Scenarios and situations that once required an actual presence of an object are now being transferred wirelessly into virtual worlds where boundaries and borders can be broken down in cyber space rather then an actual location. One wireless app trend we have been watching is the inclusion of apps in the newest vape pen and best dab pen releases so lets review some of the vaporizers that are supporting these type of wireless features.


Wireless Application Supported Vape Pen Number 1: Pax 3 Vaporizer


One of the best vape pens you can buy on the market the Pax 3 vaporizer pen is now in its third generation and this shows in its wireless technologies. Featuring a fully adjustable temperature control via a smartphone app available for both iOS and Android the Pax 3 is at the forefront of wireless vape pen technology. This is just a great example of how wireless technologies are impacting the vaping industry.


Wireless Application Supported Vape Pen Number 2: Firefly 2 Vaporizer


Another vape and wax pen that is leading the way when it comes to innovations in the aspects of wireless vaping is the Firefly 2 vaporizer pen. The Firefly 2 wireless app for iOS or Android offers an unprecedented level of vapor customization and really highlights what is possible when it comes to vaping wirelessly. One angle we would like to further worked on is wireless battery charging and we hope to see a vape pen and wax pen take this idea on sooner then later.


Wireless Application Supported Vape Pen Number 3: Crafty Vaporizer


The Crafty Vaporizer is yet another vape and dab pen that has full wireless Apple iOS and Android technology that not only controls temperature but also provides insights into such information as battery life and frequently asked questions. Supporting Bluetooth wireless technology the Crafty Vaporizer pen's “The Remote Control” app allows users full control of their CRAFTY vape pen device giving them the opportunity to personalize the temperatures, LED settings, vibration signals, battery status, reference the operating time and much more. It sure is exciting to see how far vaping and wireless have come and we can not wait to see what else is on the horizon.