An Inside Look At The State of Wireless – Connecting The Power of Non Connection

We all know there is no predicting the future with a 100% accuracy but when it comes to investing money in order to be successful you need to get real close to perfect. Wrong predictions and poor calculations about the future can lead to huge losses when it comes to investing in stocks and is something we want to avoid at all costs. We are constantly scanning over every piece of data we have access to as well as all available public information in order to make the best decisions possible. While were no fortune tellers or mind readers we do have a strong track record of being on the cutting edge when it comes to picking successful wireless companies and stocks. Trends and numbers play a major role in our assessments so lets take a look at this Broadcom Wireless industry infographic breakdown to discuss some of the statistics that have caught our attention lately.

Wireless Outlook Key Investment Trend #1: 30 Billion, Estimated Number Of Connected Wireless Devices (includes wearables) By 2020

This is a massive number that even the most basic of investors can not overlook. The fact remains that the world is becoming more wireless by the minute so its about finding those companies that have the best inside track on the wireless technology that will matter to consumers and businesses. One of our favorite part of this statistic is the fact that it includes wearable wireless technology. We are really doing a lot of research in this space and this number is further verification that we are on the right track.

Wireless Outlook Key Investment Trend #2: 60 Million, Estimated Number Of New Cars That Will Have Wireless Connectivity Technology By 2018

On top of the car being one of the most cherished, prized and useful possessions most people have it also has a deep history as one of the greatest inventions of all time. permanently ingrained in society the car is only becoming better and better with innovations such as wireless technology, car transportation services like Uber and self driving cars from the likes of Google and Tesla. What we like about this number is it really highlights the versatility and importance that wireless technology brings to the table and integration into something as vital as cars is a great example of that.

Wireless Outlook Key Investment Trend #3: 6, Average Number Of Devices Connected In the U.S. Per Household

When you stop and think about it this is a pretty staggering stat. This basically means on average that there are six different devices in each household where there is a product opportunity. This is a great indication that the way of the home is going wireless and this is a fact that we simply can not over look. What we are really trying to show with the above three trends is to showcase just how flexible and vital wireless technology is. From what we wear to what we drive and how we travel to how we live at home wireless technology has all the bases covered which is we are so excited for what the future holds when it comes to wireless tech investing.